Lichtbende (Netherlands)


11, 12 and 13 May at 10.30am (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)
14 and 15 May at 4pm (Saturday and Sunday)
São Luiz Mais Novos 
Portuguese Premiere

Artistic direction, concept, visual images and performers: Marie Raemakers, Rob Logister Composers, musical performers: Axel Schappert, Helene Jank Dramaturgy and choreographer: Jeannette van Steen Coach projection animations: Rop Severien Photography: Rob Logister, Christian Mitrea Acknowledgements: Carlos Lagoeiro, Etienne Borgers, Irene Schaltegger, Myrthe Schuuring, Sandra Stark, Thamar van Loon en Sanne Bloemink Technique: Magic lantern Language: Without words For audiences over: From 6 to 106 years Running time: Approx. 50 min.
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Magic lanterns, dance, gramophones and live music all blend together into this mesmerizing family show… for everyone from 6 to 106!

With this magic lantern performance Lichtbende carries you back a hundred years to the interbellum, or the period between the First and Second World Wars.

TUTU is primarily a feast for the eyes and ears. With her red shoes, a young girl dances in all the styles from that period, from tango to tap dance, from vaudeville to ballroom, from classical to Bauhaus ballet. Spectators follow her joys and sorrows in a time of fundamental change. The dance, shaped in that period by the pursuit of individual freedom, rising technology and interest in other cultures, reflects her life.

Lichtbende sweeps you away in a wonderful, rhythmical tale of dance, using magic lanterns projected on a giant screen. The projection images are created by manual and mechanical manipulation of everyday objects and materials and express a disarming lust for exploration. The players, two for the projectors and two for the music, stand in front of the screen with their projectors, magic lanterns and instruments so your can hear and see everything they do. Not to be missed!

Performance arts group Lichtbende was founded in 2010 and creates contemporary art performances using magic lanterns in combination with live music. Lichtbende is formed by artists Marie Raemakers, Rob Logister and musician/composer Axel Schappert. Inspired and fascinated by the surprising images and imagestory's that their work with children have produced, they have worked with light and shadow for over twenty years now.
Lichtbende has its roots in the combination of two groups, theatre group Musiscoop and cultural education group Projectie Project. Over fifteen years of experimenting with light/shadow images by both groups has culminated in Lichtbende.
Musiscoop was the result of Ida Lohman's motivation to explore use of the magic lantern for her personal artistic expression and to complement this with live music to create a true light concert. This is how in 2006 the shows 'Groot Circus' and in 2007 'Toverslag' were created.  Ida Lohman passed away in 2007 and Musicoop was ended.
Projectie Project, one of the cultural education projects of Marie Raemakers and Rob Logister, is a modern take on the traditional shadow play that enables kids to explore the possibilities of light- and shadow play using overhead projectors. This results in organically growing theatre with a special visual and experimental character where the child as producer of culture is taken serious. This cultural education project is offered to schools and is suitable for kids all ages. Many surprising images have sprouted from these education projects and some of them found their way into the shows of Lichtbende. More in general the kids' marvel, interest and experience with the images form one of the main pillars in the creation of the shows.