Orlando Ferito (France)

Sala Mario Viegas
22 May at 9pm (Sunday)

Documentary, 121m, 2013 
Direction and script: Vincent Dieutre With the participation of: Mimmo Cuticchio and Pupi of the Associazione Figli D’Arte Cuticchio, Georges Didi-Huberman, Pierandrea Amato Photography: Arnold Pasquier Editing: Dominique Auvray Producer: Stéphane Jourdain Production: La Huit Production Language: French and Italian, with subtitles in Portuguese Subtitles: Kindly provided by Festival Indie Lisboa, with translation by Leonor Pinela 

Session presented by Nuno Crespo

The Pupi (the traditional Sicilian puppets) in the storage room of a small Palermo theatre lament their fate, while a French filmmaker arrives in Sicily for the first time.
Although Pasolini announced the Disappearance of the Fireflies, the triumph of the Berlusconian Castle of Lies and the political end of the world, the filmmaker's pessimism and disenchantment are challenged through new acquaintances and a short essay by Georges Didi-Huberman.
Little by little, his personal narrative becomes charged with hope and indignation, symbolized by Orlando, prince of the Pupi, and fireflies. In his clearheaded, documentary take on modern Sicily, clichés rear their ugly heads: behind the theatricality of the Pupi, political dereliction, shameful homosexuality and the ever-present cult of the dead, fragile pockets of resistance take shape.
"For a start, have the fireflies disappeared? Have they ALL disappeared?"

Vincent Dieutre was born in 1960 in Petit Quevilly, France. After completing a degree in Art History, he entered the IDHEC – Institute for Advanced Cinematographic Studies, and then sojourned in Rome and New York. He directed his first film Rome Désolée, in 1994, while writing and teaching at university, the Fémis and in art schools. His films, which have garnered numerous awards, are both documentary and autobiographical.

Orlando Ferito (Roland Blessé) - Extrait 1 from lahuit on Vimeo.