The Human Hedges (United Kingdom)

The Hedge Men

5 May at 2pm (Thursday)
6 May at 6pm (Friday)
5 and 6 May at 9pm (Friday and Saturday)
Portuguese Premiere

Concept: Ed Johnson Performers: Ed Johnson, Jocelyn Mack For audiences over: For all ages

Have a tree hug with some amazing real life Hedge Men! Introducing one of the planet’s most quirky, outrageous and downright silly walkabout entertainment acts - The Living Topiary! Straight from the pages of a fairy story these human shaped bushes have come to life to walk, talk and cuddle their way around Lisbon...

You’ll never look at your own bush the same way after you meet one of these cheeky trees. They look exactly like the real thing only better, bigger, noisier and funnier. The Living Topiary have caused hilarity wherever they’ve appeared, are you brave enough to have a picture with them? Be careful, you might become part of the entertainment.

The Human Hedges where first planted in 2008 and one of the creations of The Living Statue Company - the UK's leading human statue performers, they have entertained thousands of people at some amazing places in every continent. They spend their leisure time in their quiet garden in leafy Cambridge in the heart of the United Kingdom. They're adventurous trees though, they travel the length and breadth of Great Britain performing at all manner of events. They love to get their passports stamped too! So far they have appeared overseas in places as diverse as Amsterdam (Netherlands), Berlin (Germany), Brussels (Belgium), Miami (USA), Toronto (Canada), Cairo (Egypt), Dubai (UAE), Doha (Qatar), Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne (Australia), Bandung (Indonesia) and many other places inbetween!
They were originally custom made by The Living Statue Company's director Ed Johnson to be a human tree living statue double-act for a gay wedding in Birmingham in early 2008. Nobody could have foreseen that they'd branch out into the living-breathing-walking-talking-hugging trees that have now entertained thousands of people at events around the planet!

“I wish I’d brought my pruning shears.” - Prince Charles
“Can you come and live in my garden?” - Prince Andrew