Pickled Image (United Kingdom)

Meet Grandma

14 and 15 May at 3.30pm (Saturday and Sunday)
14 and 15 May at 6pm (Saturday and Sunday)
Portuguese Premiere

Concept: Pickled Image Puppeteer: Dik Downey For audiences over: For all ages

Meet Grandma,
she’s been there, done that, sent the postcard and boy… will she tell you all about it!
Cantankerously loveable, sharp as a needle and with a tongue that could snip a hedge, Grandma happily holds forth on any subject you care to mention, as long as she’s the main subject.  Be it her years as the world’s best lollipop lady, the quickest way to knit a hideous jumper from the itchiest of wool, astrophysics for idiots or what she read in the Daily Mail that morning, Grandma has a very vocal opinion she has to share with a captive audience.
This high-speed pensioner is certain to liven up your event and bring a smile to all who have the (mis)fortune to meet her.

Formed in 2000, Pickled Image is specialised in puppetry for live performance and theatre. Since its inception the company has gained international recognition and numerous awards for their darkly humorous visual productions.
The directors of the company are Dik Downey & Vicky Andrews. Dik has entertained audiences in various guises from fire-eater, escapologist, clown and puppeteer. He worked with the acclaimed Green Ginger from 1994 to 2003. As an experienced and highly talented designer and puppet maker, Dik has created all of the company’s most striking puppets. Most recently he created the stunning Great White Shark for Mark Bruce Company.
Vicky trained as a sculptor, illustrator and theatre designer and has been involved in designing shows for venues such as Bristol Old Vic, Bath Theatre Royal and the Welsh National Opera. Her artistic skills are intrinsic to the creative process as performer, maker, producer and administrator to the company.