Théâtre La Licorne (France)

Les Encombrants Font Leur Cirque

5, 6 and 7 May at 9.30pm (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)
FIMFA Lx16 Opening Show
Portuguese Premiere

Direction, concept and set design: Claire Dancoisne Music: Pierre Vasseur Lighting design: Philippe Catalano Puppets: Hervé Lesieur Assisted by: Pierre Dupont, Fanny Chica Costumes: Francis Debeyre Seamstress: Annick Baillet Objects construction: Bertrand Boulanger, Jean-Baptiste Gaudin, Alain Le Béon, Coline Lequenne, Francis Obled, Fred Parison, Gérard Sellier, Patrick Smith Performers: Marc Amyot, Anthony Diaz, Ariane Heuzé, Vincent Varene, Marion Zaboitzeff, Nicolas Cornille Technical direction: David Laurie Light: Claire Lorthioir Sound: Stéphane Zuliani Stage manager: Frédéric Druaux Photography: Pascal Auvé, Eric Legrand Production: Théâtre La Licorne Co-production: Théâtre du Peuple de Bussang Supports: DRAC Nord-Pas de Calais-Picardie, Conseil régional Nord–Pas de Calais-Picardie, Conseil départemental du Nord, Conseil départemental du Pas-de-Calais, Communauté Urbaine de Dunkerque, Institut Français du Portugal Acknowledgements: Le Channel - Scène nationale de Calais, Bateau Feu - Scène nationale de Dunkerque Technique: Puppets, automata and objects Language: Some words in French and Portuguese For audiences over: From 6 to 106 years Running time: 75 min.

The 16th edition of FIMFA opens with a wonderful show that take us to a peculiar universe in between Jules Verne, Leonardo da Vinci and the machines of Royal de Luxe, by one of the most recognized international companies.

The Old Guys are back in the Circus! Arrogant, alert and triumphant over their arthritis and gloominess, they are ready to take a stand against the circus’ eternal youth! In the ring they forget their arthritis, and tame metal and screws into creatures. You can see incredible acts like the taming of a can of sardines, a praying mantis, fish, a rhinoceros, woodlice, a shark, mussels, lions and fireflies. But they also venture out to take on new challenges against a vulture, a hen, flies and shoelaces, not to mention a whole stampede of metallic, inflatable and artisanal curiosities.

A poetic and surprising journey full of humor that will delight the audience from 6 to 106 years!

Claire Dancoisne’s shows are designed in itinerant or convertible forms and are meant to go out in search of their audience. They are always based on a proliferation of ideas and objects, using a multi-disciplinary approach that mixes the circus, opera, play, puppets and a distinct sense of the encounter, which it evokes before, during and after the show. We feel as though we have stepped into a world of magician entertainers and we experience much more than just a show.

An amazing show, a classic brought back to new life!

Théâtre La Licorne is a company directed by Claire Dancoisne and a real reference to the French and international scene in terms of masks, objects and “puppet comedians”. The manipulation of home made objects and masks are the core of their shows. Actors, visual artists and musicians work together to take imagination further. The beauty of the images and the art of masks are their way to explore a theatrical language made of flesh, paper, metal, colours and sounds. Non-realistic and often poetic, La Licorne proposes a unique blend of contemporary theatre, visual arts and puppetry.
Since its creation in 1986, the company has made more than thirty shows that have travelled through the roads of France and participated in numerous international festivals. Their new space is dedicated to the research on contemporary puppet creation and object theatre (Outil de Création Européen, de Recherche pour la Marionnette Contemporaine et le Théâtre d'Objets), opened in November 2015 in Dunkirk, to establish a space for creation, training, artistic residences or exhibitions.

Les Encombrants font leur cirque - reportage from Théâtre du Nord on Vimeo.