Cie La Mue/tte - Santiago Moreno (France-Argentina)

Les intimités de l'Homme-Orchestre

20 May at 7pm and 10.15pm (Friday)
21 May at 5pm and 7pm (Saturday)
Portuguese Premiere

Concept, construction and performer: Santiago Moreno Artistic adviser: Delphine Bardot Technique: Music and object theatre Language: Without words For audiences over: +8 Running time: 30 min.

This short form show features the process of the musical construction of the One-man-band!

Small inventions and musical assemblies are created, little by little, in front of a fascinated audience, an elaborated One-man-band. A playful and poetic moment where music and movement are inseparable, to live the intimacies of the One-man-band...

On a bridge table, a lamp and some fragile and crystalline objects. A fan creates a wind spiral, operates a simple mechanism and produces a resonance on three glass cups. By motion, the random rhythm is launched, closer to human and musical breath than to horology and its accuracies. The music is developed by the creation of a sound architecture in a landscape of movements and microscopic noises.

A sensible musical composition then results from a suitcase equipped with stemmed glasses played with a violin bow and two fans. A delicate multi-instrumentalist One-man-hand reveals an unusual and strangely rhythmic character who turns out to be the key to an ingenious progression. And always a fan that operates its tiny revolutions, leaving behind him a permanent drone.

From fragile and careful preambles of a human-musicality to the strong and rough character of the Street One-man-band, we are shown the different facets and many talents of the musician Santiago Moreno.

Musician and puppeteer from Argentina, Santiago Moreno develops his researches about One-man-band and exacerbated dissociation of the musician, in strong link with the principles of objects-manipulation necessary to the puppeteer. He declines this specific work in several aspects: one for the street, and the other, more intimate and experimental, for venues.
La Mue/tte was created in 2014, after the encounter of a puppeteer-actress and a musician-puppeteer, both passioned by the question of movement, its transmission and its repercussion (sound, images, manipulation).
Delphine Bardot and Santiago Moreno got together to develop a research on visual and musical theatre.

Les Intimités de L'Homme Orchestre- Cie La Mue/tte from delphvimeo on Vimeo.