Yase Tamam (Iran)

Count to One

19 and 20 May at 9pm (Thursday and Friday)
Portuguese Premiere

Based on the poems by: Omar Khayyam Direction: Zahra Khyali Sabri Direction assistant: Fatemeh Abbasi Performers: Mehdy Shahpiry, Reza Bahrami, Hossein Divandari Musician: Behrang Abbaspoor Photography: Mani Lotfizadeh, Reza Mousavi Technique: Clay puppets Language: Without words For audiences over: +12 Running time: 45 min.
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"Count to One" is inspired by the thousand year old poetry of Omar Khayyam. The play is about three soldiers who decide to cease fighting in an unknown land. To express themselves, they begin making sculptures out of mud.

With great skill the actors are creating everything from birds to dancing women. The performance combines modern images with oriental poetry and creates a daring anti-war statement, accompanied by a multi-instrumentalist musician. 

"I want to express my hatred for war and my hope in life to express."
- Zahra Sabri

Zahra Khyali Sabri, born in Tehran in 1966, is a director, stage designer, puppet designer and puppet maker. She received her B.A. of Stage Designing from the Islamic Azad University in 2000. In 1990 she formed the multi award winning theatre group Yase Tamam. The company has been performing in several festivals around the world.