Yael Rasooly & Yaara Goldring (Israel)

The House by the Lake

20 e 21 de Maio às 21h (Sexta e Sábado)
Espectáculo de Encerramento do FIMFA Lx16
Estreia Nacional

Text and direction: Yael Rasooly, Yaara Goldring Co-creators: Edna Blilious, Rinat Sterenberg Performers: Maya Kindler, Michal Vaknin, Yael Rasooly Stage and costume design: Maureen Freedman Puppets design: Maayan Resnick, assisted by Noa Abend Composer and lyricist: Nadav Wiesel Sound design: Binya Reches Lighting design: Asi Gottesman Direction assistant: Michal Vaknin Artistic adviser: Yael Inbar Photography: Nir Shaanani Production: “Hazira Performance Art Arena”, Jerusalém Presentation support: Embaixada de Israel em Portugal Technique: Puppets and objects Language: English For audiences over: +12 Running time: 60 min.

The House by the Lake, a musical cabaret for actresses, dolls and objects.

Once, not long ago, in a far away land in Central Europe, three sisters had to hide. In a cold and naked room they waited quietly for their mother to return. As darkness closed in on them, they struggled to maintain the life they once knew, and escape into a strange game of make- believe. While reality falls apart, the bodies of the actresses come together with pieces of broken dolls - creating a fantastic and absurd world.

The House by the Lake is a performance that swings between the boundaries of musical cabaret, and contemporary puppetry for adults.

From the depth of an unspeakable memory, through the haunted gaze of a cabaret singer, comes to life a story of three sisters during the holocaust. The performance deals with a world of childhood that is robbed, a life and family torn apart. Yet even through the darkest of nightmares, it reveals the force of imagination and creation that cannot be silenced.

In this original and creative play, humor and tragedy are woven together, forming an overwhelming theatrical experience.

"An original and highly imaginative piece, that succeeds in creating a delicate and beautiful theatri- cal world, which combines the humor and the terror of the situation." - Shai Bar Yaakov

Born in 1983 in Jerusalem, Israel, Yael was trained primarily as a classical singer and went on to study theatre design in London. She began developing her unique theatrical language at the School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem, where she specialized in directing, puppetry and design, and graduated with excellence.
Since 2006, Yael has been creating independent theatre works and performs at leading international festivals throughout Europe, the United States, South America and the Far East, and won several prizes.
Yael’s theatrical language is based on a multidisciplinary approach, combining different forms of theatre, puppetry, visual art and music.
Yael’s solo performance Paper Cut, is currently on an extensive tour around the globe. The show has won several international awards and has toured in over 30 international festivals, such as the International Festival for Puppets in Charleville-Mézières, Schaubude, Berlin, Festival of Wonder, Silkeborg, FIMFA Lx12, the theatre boat of the Forman Brothers in Prague, and many others.
Alongside her theatrical work, Yael has an international singing career.
Her varied repertoire ranges from medieval and classical music to jazz, from small intimate performances to audiences reaching thousands. Currently, Yael is touring her Gramophone Show, a musical performance of eloquence talent and spice, taking the audience back to the songs of the 1920s to 1940s.