Husam Abed - Dafa Puppet Theatre (Palestine-Jordan-Czech Republic)

The Smooth Life

17 to 21 May at 8pm (Tuesday to Saturday)
Portuguese Premiere

Direction, concept and performer: Husam Abed Set design and puppets: Réka Deák Dramaturgy: Marek Turošík Artistic advisers: Jiří Havelka, Robert Smolík, Marek Bečka Photography: Irena Vodáková Production: Academy of Performing Arts, DAMU – Czech Republic Technique: Object theatre Language: English For audiences over: +12 Running time55 min. followed by a meal - Limited audience - for 8 spectators

A non-traditional documentary and puppet performance for eight spectators with a culinary surprise at the end. Palestinian Husam Abed was born and raised in Baqaa refugee camp in Jordan. Around the table, while the food is being prepared, in a charming and evocative way he tells the stories of his family in the context of the political events in his country over the past 30 years, with objects, photos, maps, videos and good old storytelling... we hear stories about a life and experiences far away from our European reality.

Husam creates an atmosphere for all senses. At the table, art connects with life and creation mixed with realism.

"What a powerful performance. (…) Husam tells his story in a very impactful way, while creating a very intimate, safe, and inviting experience for his audience. I was moved by his personal story, his relationship with his father, its many different intertwined layers rooted and tied in with Historical facts. (…) A very moving story, told in a beautiful way – rich in colors and flavors. A must experience.”
- Stephanie Filippi, Prologue to the Performing Arts, Toronto, Canada

"Husam Abed’s The Smooth Life a solo performance telling the story of Palestinian family life in a refugee camp was one such performance. This was an intimate show that used puppetry and object theatre to unravel a personal history within a deeply divisive and violent political narrative. Staying clear of propaganda, The Smooth Life is all the more powerful and thought provoking for the normality and joyful moments of life that it portrays in the face of brutal politics.” - Rachel MacNally, a member Jury of A Puppet is a Human Too festival and executive producer at Puppet Place.

Husam Abed is a Palestinian puppeteer, musician and social worker living between Amman and Prague. Master of Directing for Alternative and Puppet theatre at DAMU – Czech Republic. Founder of Dafa Puppet Theatre/Jordan and Czech Republic. He has been performing and leading puppetry and storytelling projects for children and youth in many countries especially refugee camps and underprivileged areas in Jordan. He directed puppet performances, collaborated with artists from many nations. He developed his way of performing by mixing storytelling with puppetry. A member founder of Flying Freedom Festival in Poland, a member founder of Amman Theatre Lab.

-The Jury Grant of distinction for original artistic concept, “The Smooth Life”, 28th International Theatrical Festival Valise, Lomza, Poland, 2015;
-The Jury Grant of distinction for “The Smooth Life” at 20th A Puppet is a Human Too festival, Warsaw, Poland, 2015.